Smartphone Instructions
LOAD|watch MOBILE is a smartphone application that provides fast, accurate, up-to-the-minute information without the need of a PC. Access information on the go, where ever you go! The application will work on any smartphone. Features include: Accessing the Application
There are a few ways to access the LOAD|watch MOBILE app depending on your device. The general link for this app is, which you can then bookmark. However, for easier access to the app on your iPhone, we suggest you follow the instructions below.

iPhone users are able to setup a LOAD|watch MOBILE app shortcut (Webclip Icon) that will allow them to access their usage information with one click. Please, follow the below instructions.

1. Go to from your iPhone browser, and click on "+" at the bottom to bookmark the page.
2. Click on the Add to Home Screen option to create the LOAD|watch MOBILE app shortcut.
3. After the setup is over, you can access the LOAD|watch MOBILE app by clicking on the shortcut.

Using The Application

Login sessions automatically expire after 30 minutes of inactivity. To ensure the data confidentiality, log out after using this application. This is done by clicking on Logout at the top-right of the site.

The Point Status page displays names and values of all enabled/checked points for a user. The current user is indicated in the menu bar. Should a point not have a value, it will not be listed. Clicking on the Refresh link refreshes the page, allowing you to view the latest point values. The color of the background indicates the alarm status:  High-High ,  High , Normal,  Low , and  Low-Low . Move the cursor over the point name to see the Company and Site the point belongs to.

A daily graph of a point can be obtained by clicking on the point name or value on the Point Status page. To change the date of the data displayed, please use the navigation links above the graph. A click on the Choose Date navigation button displays a calendar. Select the desired month and year by clicking on the left/right/down icons within the calendar, and then click on the desired day. Clicking on the envelope icon in the upper-right corner of the graph spawns a dialog box for sending the graph in an e-mail. Please note that there needs to be at least one e-mail address associated with your LOAD|watch account to be able to use this feature.

Edit the list of points using the Preferences page. All the points that are available for the logged-in user are organized by Company and Site(s) in a tree. Navigate through the tree by expanding the elements listed until the level with the desired points is reached. Clicking on a point name will add or remove the point from the Point Status page; a check symbol in front of the point name indicates that the point is presently on the list of displayed points. This point selection will affect the Point Status page, where the points will be listed in the order they were added. The very first level in the point-tree contains a group called Current Point List; expanding this group will reveal all previously added points. Move the cursor over the point name to see which Company and Site the point belongs to.

Need more detailed information?
From any PC, log in to your account at for additional features. You can also find more information about other energy-saving services offered by DTE Energy by visiting

Need more help?
Please contact the LOAD|watch Team at or call (313.235.5590).