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LOAD|watch MOBILE is a smartphone application that provides fast, accurate, up-to-the-minute information without the need of a PC. Access information on the go, where ever you go! The application will work on any smartphone.

Features include:
  • Current usage information, as well as historical data.
  • Graphing of data, with option of emailing the information directly from your smartphone.
  • Weather information for your current location.

Accessing The Application

There are a few ways to access the LOAD|watch MOBILE app depending on your device. The general link for this app is, which you can then bookmark. However, for easier access to the app on your BlackBerry or iPhone, we suggest you follow the instructions below.

+  BlackBerry
+  iPhone

Using The Application

+  Login and Security
+  Point Status
+  Point Graph
+  Preferences
+  Current Weather Link

Need more detailed information?

From any PC, log in to your account at for additional features. You can also find more information about other energy-saving services offered by DTE Energy by visiting

Need more help?

Please contact the LOAD|watch Team at or call (313.235.5590).